Marie desJardins, CSEE, Named an American Council on Education Fellow

RAPmdesjardinMarie desJardins, computer science and electrical engineering, has been selected as a participant in the American Council on Education’s (ACE) Fellows Program. desJardins was one of just 31 faculty and administrators chosen from across the United States this year.

The ACE Fellows Program is the premier program for “identifying and preparing the next generation of senior leadership for the nation’s colleges and universities.” More than 300 past ACE fellows have served as chief executive officers of colleges or universities and over 1,300 have served as provosts, vice presidents and deans.

During the year-long program, desJardins will work with the president and senior officials at a host institution, while also completing a project of pressing interest to UMBC. Click here to read more about the ACE Fellows Program and here to see the full list of fellows.

Kink Teaches Consent Workshop (4/29)

April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month and part of combating sexual violence includes focusing on consent and healthy sexuality. Using principles and practices common in kink communities, the Kink Teaches Consent workshop will address strategies for exploring and respecting desires and dealbreakers.

Kink Teaches Consent will be held on Tuesday, April 29th at 2pm in the Women’s Center. This sex-positive workshop is open to anyone interested in learning skills for defining boundaries, pursuing pleasure, and communicating consent. Contact for more information.

Save the Date: Welcome to UMBC! (9/18)

The annual ‘Welcome to UMBC!’ event to welcome our new colleagues to the UMBC community has been scheduled.

If possible, please avoid scheduling other campus events on September 18th  2:00-3:30 p.m.

This interactive event is a great opportunity to connect and get to know some of the remarkable people here at UMBC.  Attendees will have a chance to talk with our President and Provost and will learn about opportunities to make a difference in our community.  There will also be a presentation about UMBC’s Public Art Project that was a joint venture between the University and the Maryland State Arts Council.

The event is co-sponsored by The Commons and Human Resources.

Come Celebrate Spring in Catonsville (5/4)

April showers will bring May flowers, and the best place to find them is at the Catonsville Flower Fest & Garden Party on Sunday, May 4. Featuring more than just flowers, the event is a celebration of all things spring and provides an opportunity to find the perfect Mother’s Day gift. A variety of cut flowers, hanging baskets and bedding plants will be available, of course, but there will also be one-of-a-kind gift items hand made by the area’s finest crafters, including jewelry, embroidered and knitted goods, glass and ceramic ware and much more. Master Gardeners from the University of Maryland Extension will be on hand to share information and answer questions. And live music will provide a festive atmosphere throughout the day. It all takes place from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Egges Lane next to the Firehouse, sponsored by the Greater Catonsville Chamber of Commerce.

As in past years, the Flower Fest & Garden Party coincides with the opening of the Catonsville Farmers Market right next door in the parking lot at 730 Frederick Road. This market is a “producer-only market,” which means that all the vendors are offering items that they themselves have grown or produced. Buyers get the freshest fruits, vegetables, meats and other products direct from the source.

Now going into its fifth year, the Sunday Catonsville Farmers Market has developed a reputation for offering a variety of quality products in a fun and festive atmosphere with live music. The Market is open Sundays from 10 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. starting on May 4 and continuing every week (rain or shine) up until the weekend before Thanksgiving, Sunday November 23. Vendors offer a wide array of everything from heirloom garlic and tomatoes to boutique spice mixes, pickles and salsas to Maryland varietal wines, gourmet olive oils, artisan breads and French pastries. New vendors are always being added—for the latest offerings, check the market’s Facebook page.

So get in step with spring and ready for Mother’s Day on Sunday, May 4 with a visit to the Catonsville Flower Fest & Garden Party and the Catonsville Farmers Market. To learn more about either event, visit the Greater Catonsville Chamber of Commerce or call 410-719-9609.

Constantine Vaporis, Asian Studies, Op-Ed in Al Jazeera America

As President Obama begins a week-long visit to Asia, Asian Studies Program Director Constantine Vaporis writes in an Al Jazeera America op-ed that the trip is aimed at reassuring allies in the region that they remain top priorities on his agenda. Vaporis writes adding South Korea and Japan to the itinerary has made the trip even more important as tension between the two countries lingers over the history wars.


“The U.S. administration has made clear that it will not act as mediator between the two sides. Nevertheless, Obama has acted assertively to try to prevent a further erosion of relations between them,” Vaporis writes.

As Obama visits Japan, South Korea, the Philippines and Malaysia, Vaporis offers suggestions for the president for how he should approach all four visits, but writes it will be important to keep one overarching theme in mind.

“Obama’s four-nation trip sends an important message about the U.S.’s commitment to Asia. Only through cooperation and mutual respect will these countries meet the regional challenges they face from China and North Korea,” he adds.

To read the full column titled “Obama seeks to rebalance ‘pivot to Asia,’” click here.

Justin Vélez-Hagan, Public Policy, Op-Ed in Fox News Latino

In his latest column published in Fox News LatinoPublic Policy Ph.D. student Justin Vélez-Hagan writes historians may view this as Puerto Rico’s “lost decade” if no changes are made to its economic policies. Vélez-Hagan is executive director of the National Puerto Rican Chamber of Commerce. He writes Puerto Rico’s economic woes may be rooted in production.

“Many believe that Puerto Rico’s weak economy is partly attributable to a lack of investment in the production of exports, often considered one of the major factors behind the original ‘lost decade,’” Vélez-Hagan writes.

In the article, Vélez-Hagan also contends that even with its economic struggles, it is unlikely Puerto Rico will go through a substantial economic collapse.

“Although it won’t be bailed out by the IMF or World Bank, its economy still has something the rest of the world envies: the financial backstop of the greatest economic powerhouse that ever existed, one that is unlikely to allow a U.S. territory with nearly four million of its citizens to suffer through a Latin American-style economic collapse,” he adds.

To read the full column in Fox News Latino, click here.