Arielle Dolegui ’13 and Kim Casimbon ’14, Psychology, to Present at USG’s BioMedical Sciences Day

Kim Casimbon ’14 and Arielle Dolegui ’13, psychology, will present at the Universities at Shady Grove’s 6th Annual BioMedical Science Day: Into the Future-Research to Reality on Thursday, November 20, 2014 at The Universities at Shady Grove in Rockville, MD. This event is presented by USG’s Committee on Collaboration, Interprofessional and Interdisciplinary Education Strategies.

UMBC Partnership with Arubutus Middle School Featured on BCPS TV

Baltimore County Public Schools TV recently profiled UMBC’s partnership with Arbutus Middle School (AMS), featuring student teaching interns from UMBC and tutors in the Arubutus Achievers program. AMS is a professional development school (PDS) in the UMBC PDS Network, which allows student teachers to complete yearlong Education Internships at the school.

Shriver Peaceworker Fellow Mark Zachar ’17 M.A., teaching, and Elizabeth Forney ’14, English, were highlighted in the video for their student teaching experiences at AMS. Forney is now a first-year teacher at AMS and credits her internship with preparing her for a career. “The transition from being an intern to a teacher here at the same school… definitely made it easier,” she said. Michael Guarraia ’07 M.A., teaching, was also included in the video in his position as the AMS science department chair.

Ciara Saunders ’17, social work and health administration and public policy, spoke about the Arbutus Achievers program and the impact one on one tutoring has on the students at AMS. The Arbutus Achievers Program is coordinated by Maryland-DC Campus Compact Americorps VISTA member Nick Ramundo through the Shriver Center.

Michelle Feeny, principal of AMS, applauded the relationship between UMBC and AMS, saying, “As we provide opportunities for collaboration, our teachers have a partnership with UMBC and they model that collaboration for our students.”

UMBC is featured 11:40-14:46.

BCPS News 2014-15 SHOW#4 10-24-14 from Baltimore County Public Schools on Vimeo

Counseling Center Doctoral Training Program Obtains APA Accreditation

The UMBC Counseling Center Received notice from the Office of Program Consultation and Accreditation of the American Psychological Association (APA) that their Doctoral Psychology training program is now fully accredited.

Congratulations to Dr. Patricia Wick, the Center’s Assistant Director and Director of Training, who prepared the accreditation application and oversaw the accreditation process.

Tim Hall, Athletic Director, Serves As Featured Panelist at the 2014 NACWAA Convention

Director of Athletics Tim Hall was a featured panelist of NCAA Division I athletic directors at the 2014 NACWAA Convention in Louisville, Kentucky. Alabama A&M Associate Athletic Director and Senior Woman Administrator Dr. Renae Myles led an all-star panel of Division I athletic National Association of Collegiate Women Athletics Administrators, which was founded in 1979 as the premier leadership organization dedicated to empowering, developing and advancing the success of women throughout the profession.

Dr. Myles moderated an engaging session titled: “Why Women Leaders are Critical to Department Success.” She led the Sunday conversation with Tim Hall, Whit Babcock, athletic director at Virginia Tech; Indiana University Vice President and Athletic Director at Indiana University Fred Glass.

“Whit, Fred, and Tim are known for being proponents of positioning women in non-traditional roles within athletics. So, they were the perfect industry experts and leaders to headline this panel,” said Dr. Myles.

Ellen Handler Spitz, Honors College, Publishes New E-book

Magritte's Labyrinth Ellen Handler Spitz

A new e-book published by Honors College Professor Ellen Handler Spitz analyzes the artwork of Belgian Surrealist artist René Magritte and takes on questions that are rarely asked when studying Magritte’s work. The book, entitled “Magritte’s Labyrinth,” introduces a psychological perspective and examines the emotional impact of Magritte’s paintings. Below is an excerpt from a book review posted on

Trained in art history, philosophy, and nonclinical psychoanalysis, Ellen Handler Spitz, the author of “Magritte’s Labyrinth,” was introduced to Magritte’s art by a New York psychologist who studied bereavement in childhood. Spitz found the images impossible to expunge. She reflects on them psychologically. She analyzes their subtle engagement with conflict, anxiety, and fear. She reads their humor and pathos as veils that both mask and disclose uncomfortable themes. “Magritte’s Labyrinth” offers its readers intriguing ways to understand their own idiosyncratic responses to this mysterious and fascinating art.

Spitz is the author of six books on the arts and psychology: “Art and Psyche” (Yale); “Image and Insight” (Columbia); “Museums of the Mind” (Yale); “Inside Picture Books” (Yale); “The Brightening Glance” (Pantheon); and “Illuminating Childhood” (Michigan). Her most recent research focuses on children’s aesthetic lives. She will be presenting two lectures next week in Germany. She will be discussing childhood and space at the University of Siegen and will also be giving a talk in Bielefeld.

Kate Brown, History, Wins the American Historical Association’s 2014 Albert J. Beveridge Award

History Professor Kate Brown has been selected as the winner of the American Historical Association’s 2014 Albert J. Beveridge Award for her book Plutopia: Nuclear Families, Atomic Cities, and the Great Soviet and American Plutonium Disasters (Oxford University Press, 2013). The recognition marks the sixth award Brown has received for Plutopia. The annual Albert J. Beveridge Award honors a distinguished book in English on the history of the United States, Latin America, or Canada, from 1492 to the present.


In a press release from the American Historical Association announcing the award, David Hollinger, the 2014 Beveridge Award Committee chair, commented that “[Brown’s book] counters dominant understandings of the Cold War couched in terms of divergent or separate paths. Deeply and multilingually researched in difficult conditions requiring perseverance in the face of official secrecy, courage in the face of personal exposure, and empathy in the presence of suffering, Plutopia adds to recent scholarship that emphasizes the costs of the Cold War in the places where it turned hot.”

The Albert J. Beveridge Award was initially established on a biennial basis in 1939, in honor of US Senator Albert J. Beveridge (Indiana, 1899-1911), a longtime member of the Association and an active supporter of history as both a lawyer and a senator. It has been awarded annually since 1945. The prize will be presented at the American Historical Association’s 129th Annual Meeting in New York City, January 2-5, 2015.

Brown’s new book, Disptaches from Dystopia: History of Places Not Yet Forgotten, will be published by University of Chicago Press in March 2015. For more information, click here.

For information on Brown’s prior awards, click below:
1.) Heldt Prize in the category of Best Book in Slavic/Eastern European/Eurasian Studies from the Association for Women in Slavic Studies
2.) Western History Association’s Robert G. Athearn Prize
3.) Ellis W. Hawley Prize from the Organization of American Historians
4.) American Society for Environmental History George Perkins Marsh Prize
5.) Wayne S. Vucinich Book Prize sponsored by the Association for Slavic, East European, and Eurasian Studies and the Center for Russian and East European Studies of Stanford University