Set Your Sails: Navigating a Successful Career (6/12)

Your job doesn’t have to be just a job. Learn the proven ways that you can enhance your current role and be ready to step into your next role. We’ll look within and beyond our campus to see the forces that impact our daily work and lives. What’s the next hot thing in your profession? In this workshop you will get tips for exploring the trends that impact your career, discover perspectives that help keep you learning valuable skills and plan your next steps. You will walk away with new ideas, tools, resources, and a framework for managing your unique career.

The workshop will be Thursday, June 12th, 9:00 a.m. – 12:30 p.m., in The Commons, Room 331

Register by June 4th, and get a flyer with details on myUMBC.

Discovering the Leader Within (6/4)

Effective leadership is any organization’s most critical competitive advantage. Knowing “how” to be effective and “being effective” are sometimes two very different things. As Steven Covey says; “To know and not to do, is like not knowing at all.”

In this session, you will gain an understanding of the Leadership Styles Continuum, learning which style is your preference and how to develop action items to enhance your personal leadership development. In this workshop you will learn how to inspire action as a leader; apply the necessary leadership style to be effective; gain followership; use aspects of Kouzes and Posner’s 5 leadership practices and 10 commitments to stretch your leadership abilities; and enhance your personal leadership development, motivating you to cultivate and practice your leadership styles.

This workshop will be on Wednesday, June 4th, 8:30 am – 12:30 pm in University Center Room 312.

Register by May 27th, and get a flyer with details on myUMBC.

April SkillSoft Topic of the Month: Leading Teams: Building Trust and Commitment

Highly successful teams have members who exhibit certain key characteristics, most notably trust in others and a sense of commitment to the team. In the early stages of team development, leaders must set up structures and processes that support the development of these team characteristics. This one-hour course offers strategies used to build trust based on encouraging honest, accountable, fair, and positive behavior. The course also provides leaders with strategies that help increase team member commitment, such as being supportive, making members feel secure, providing interesting work, and acknowledging contributions and achievements. By using these strategies, team leaders can develop a cohesive team that works together to reach its goals.

This is course number: team_03_a04_bs_enus

Visit the UMBC SkillSoft website for a Quick Start Guide, FAQs, and the link to log in to SkillPort.

For more information about the Business Exploration Series courseware, click here.

Ways to Get Involved in Our Campus Community – Make UMBC Yours!

There are many ways to engage and make a difference at UMBC. Please check out the list of various ways faculty and staff can volunteer and get involved in our campus community. Find it on the HR website under New Employee Resources.

We hope you will browse this list and find something that sparks your interest or ways to share your talents. Contact department representatives directly.

Thank you for all the ways you are making a difference.

Understanding Performance Management: A Guide for Non-supervisory Staff (4/24)

In this overview of the Performance Management Process (PMP) with Labor Relations Specialist Shobhna Arora, you will have an opportunity to learn about performance management and its components, the importance of setting goals and on-going communication, how to solicit and receive feedback, the benefits of completing a self-assessment, and strategies for enhancing professional development.  This session also covers tips and assistance in preparing for performance review meetings.

The workshop will be Thursday, April 24th, 9:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m., at The Commons Room 331.

Register by April 16th and get a flyer with details at:

Administrative Professionals Conference (4/23)

Administrative Professionals: When was the last time you had a day to focus on yourself and your career?

Stevenson University announces its Administrative Professionals Conference on Administrative Professionals Day – April 23, 2014 from 8:30 am – 2:30 pm. The conference will be on the Owings Mills Campus.

Join us for a day full of interesting topics, excellent presenters, food, and networking opportunities.

There are a wide range of sessions on creating powerful presentations, saving for retirement, the impact and evolution of social media, and building communications skills.

The fee for this conference is $40. Continental breakfast and lunch are provided. Come relaxed in business casual clothes.

Registration is quick and easy. Registration is required and space is limited. As people register, they will be sent a parking pass.

Click here to register online.

Exercising Influence: Building Relationships and Getting Results (5/8)

This program gives participants the skills to make a significant and immediate impact on their effectiveness in personal influence. Whether you are dealing with bosses, colleagues, staff members or senior management, winning respect for your ideas and cultivating influence and cooperation are essential to your success.

You will learn to focus on the key elements of influencing others without possessing organizationally-derived authority. Specifically, you will learn how to influence effectively with different personality styles; identify influence strategies which you use most frequently and those which you use less frequently; analyze the audience and the situation to select the most appropriate influencing strategy; keep influencing discussions focused on ideas rather than individuals; and maximize your credibility by the ‘presence’ you project while influencing others.

The workshop will be Thursday, May 8th, 8:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. in University Center, Ballroom Lounge

Register by April 30th, and get a flyer with details on myUMBC.

Nourishing Health with Eastern Nutrition (5/15)

In this age of the Internet and rapid scientific advancement, there is now more information available than ever about health and nutrition. Much of this information is contradictory and confusing, making it easy to become overwhelmed.

Eastern nutrition provides a fun and easy way to think about eating healthfully. In this workshop, you will learn the basic principles that comprise the foundation of Eastern nutrition, such as yin-yang and five-element theories. You will be given tools to understand the state of your own body’s ecology, and to figure out which kinds of foods will work best for you. This course will provide you with a new way to think about nutrition in easy-to-understand terms that you can readily utilize in your everyday life to maximize health, vibrancy, and longevity.

This workshop will be on Thursday, May 15th, 12:00 – 1:00 pm in The Commons, room 331.

This is a brown bag session. Participants may bring their own lunch to this workshop.

Register on the web by May 7thth, and get a flyer with details here.