Supervising and Developing On-Campus Student Employees (4/8)

An organization’s greatest assets are the people who produce the products or services.  Employee engagement in work activities is a critical factor in organizational success.

For student employees, methods of engagement need to begin early in their learning process so they can begin to draw the connections between their interests, strengths, and learning styles; their academic major; and the workplace.  Their supervisor can play a valuable role in not only helping students learn about appropriate workplace behavior, but also helping them learn about themselves and their future career development.  In this workshop you will learn how to coach student employees and build effective communication skills; use tools to address common competencies needed including time management and professional skills; and develop your student performance evaluation process including setting expectations and providing feedback.

The workshop will be Tuesday, April 8th, 9:00 a.m. – 12:30 p.m., in the University Center, Ballroom Lounge.

Register by March 31st, and get a flyer with details on myUMBC.

This session is full. If you would like to be placed on a waiting list for this program, email

Set Your Goals + Manage Your Time = Success! (3/27)

Do you want to develop professional and personal goals you can really achieve? Would you like to know the most effective time management strategies for you to reach your goals? In this interactive workshop you will learn how to set achievable goals for professional or personal success; choose time management strategies to advance your goal achievement; monitor progress and adjust goals, as needed; and learn stress management strategies that enhance time management and goal achievement.

This session is full. If you would like to be placed on the waiting list for this program, email

Planning for Performance Management Success: A Guide for Supervisors (3/28)

In this overview of the Performance Management Process (PMP) you will learn about the benefits of performance management, the importance of ongoing communication, the PMP cycle, how to use the PMP form and strategies for professional development. Elmer Falconer, Director of Employment/Labor Relations, is the instructor for this workshop. This workshop is required training for all supervisors of Regular and Contingent II Staff.

The workshop will be Friday, March 28 9 a.m. – 12:30 p.m., in The Commons, Room 331.

Register by March 20.

Volunteer for Strategic Planning (Form Due 2/12)

The Strategic Planning Steering Committee seeks volunteers from the campus community to serve in various roles beginning in March and continuing through the fall semester. If you would like to serve as a volunteer in the next stage of the planning process, please complete this form with information about your interests and background by Wednesday, February 12.

The development of Our UMBC:  A Strategic Plan for Advancing Excellence is a broadly inclusive process. Fall campus discussions about University vision and focus areas for planning were held with 35 groups, within and beyond the traditional campus shared governance process. Drawing upon the comments and insights received in the fall, the Strategic Planning Steering Committee will launch the next phase of plan development by establishing strategy groups to focus on four areas widely viewed as drivers of our future success:

The Student Experience
Primary goal:  Create vibrant, exceptional and comprehensive undergraduate and graduate student experiences that integrate in and out of classroom learning to prepare graduates for meaningful careers and civic and personal lives.

Innovative Curriculum and Pedagogy
Primary goal:  Be a national leader in the development of innovative curricula and academic programs that support and enhance the success of our undergraduate and graduate students and prepare them for meaningful careers, lifelong learning, and engaged citizenship.

Research, Scholarship and Creative Achievement
Primary goal:  Establish UMBC as a regionally relevant and nationally recognized research university by focusing on creating an inclusive environment, developing excellence in new intellectual frontiers, and fostering multidisciplinary approaches. 

Community and Extended Connection
Primary goal:  Be a leader in developing strategic partnerships that drive innovative problem solving and responsible entrepreneurship to create a sustainable and prosperous future.  UMBC will be nationally known as a public university that promotes a just and humane world by building, nurturing, and extending relationships among its diverse external and internal communities.

The Strategic Planning Steering Committee seeks volunteers from the campus community to work with these strategy groups as members and advisors. Strategy Group co-chairs will invite participation by volunteers in a number of ways as the process moves forward. Some volunteers will be selected to serve on strategy groups and associated small work groups, some will be consulted as advisors, and all will be invited to participate in focus groups supporting the strategy group work.

Wellness Initiative Winter Tips and Articles

Check out the Winter ‘Tips and Articles page of our Wellness Initiative website for additional tips and resources for this season. We have provided information on winter wellness, seasonal foods and recipes, winter fitness, and energy-saving tips.  We have also posted a new section on Heart Health with campus and other web resources to help you keep your ticker running smoothly. The UMBC Wellness Initiative website is filled with resources, tips, music, and inspiration. Visit our website now!

Winter of Wellness Summit: Igniting Optimum Health in All Areas of Your Life (1/27-3/28)

Every moment you have the opportunity to heal your body, radiate total health and expand your capacity to lead a vibrant, fully expressed life. Led by pioneers in integral health, wellness and mind-body-spirit medicine, you will learn:

  • Leading-edge, proven modalities that dramatically decrease stress.
  • Processes that reduce or event dissolve chronic pain.
  • The leading edge of brain science and meditation techniques to tap the limitless power of the mind.
  • Tools to minimize the “monkey mind” and take control of your thoughts.
  • Holistic approaches to creating well-being in your family and your community.

This is a completely free Telesummit with top experts in the field. January 27 – March 28, 2014. Four sessions per week focus on wellness for the Body, Mind, Heart, and Soul. Listen to the calls via phone or computer. For more information and to register visit: Winter of Wellness.

February SkillSoft Topic of the Month: First-Time Manager Series

New managers often have misconceptions about what managing entails, and they may be surprised to learn that the skills and methods required for success as an individual contributor and those needed for success as a manager are very different. This series of courses clarifies the myths and truths about management and describes strategies for dealing with common mistakes. These courses also provide methods for establishing credibility, managing former colleagues effectively, meeting organizational expectations, and balancing conflicting expectations of peers, direct reports, and management.

  • First Time Manager: Understanding a Manager’s Role: mgmt_16_a01_bs_enus
  • First Time Manager: Challenges: mgmt_16_a02_bs_enus
  • First Time Manager: Meeting Expectations: mgmt_16_a03_bs_enus

Visit the UMBC SkillSoft website for a Quick Start Guide, FAQs, and the link to log in to SkillPort.

For more information about the Business Exploration Series courseware, click here.

To schedule a department presentation about using SkillSoft for professional development, call ext. 5-6262 or

The ABC’s of Supervision: Guidelines for New Leaders (3/5)

This workshop focuses on the tasks of a new supervisor, offering basic guidelines for building a work environment that supports and encourages employees to perform at their highest and most engaged levels. The workshop is highly interactive and offers new supervisors tips and techniques they can use immediately. New supervisors will learn about planning and prioritizing team tasks; delegating; developing team members; communicating upward and downward; encouraging teamwork and directing problem solving; the importance of being accessible to the team; modeling desired behavior; disciplining effectively; and giving praise and recognition.

The workshop will be Wednesday, March 5th, 8:30 am – 12:30 p.m., in the University Center, Room 312.

Register by February 25th and get a flyer with details at:

This session is full. If you would like to be placed on a waiting list for this program, please email