Robert Deluty, Graduate School, Publishes His 45th Book

Robert Deluty, associate dean of the graduate school, has published a new volume of poetry, “Gifts in Disguise.” In his review, Joseph DeVitis writes: “Robert Deluty’s poems give us quick, yet profound, glimpses into the old adage that ‘things aren’t usually what they seem.’ He incorporates and transcends that theme because he wants us to look at
things as if they could be otherwise. Deluty urges us to become wider awake, to feel and reflect upon everyday experiences so that we might repair the damages in our lives. He is a remarkably hopeful poet who pulls us up when we stumble–and then claps his hands for us to dance.”

“Gifts in Disguise,” as well as all of Dr. Deluty’s other books, may be purchased at the UMBC Bookstore.

Retirement Reception for Linda Thomas “The Graduate School Lady” (6/25)

Linda ThomasLinda began her career at UM,B in 1972 and transferred to UMBC in 1997 as an Administrative Assistant II at the Graduate School. In 2007, Linda was promoted to Program Assistant to work exclusively with master’s students assisting them with graduation requirements and assisting with commencement. After 42 years of dedicated service, Linda is retiring. Linda’s plans for retirement include having lots of fun, traveling, continuing her family’s genealogy, and volunteering.

Linda’s last day will be Monday, June 30. Please join us at a farewell reception at Flat Tuesdays on Wednesday, June 25, between 3 pm and 5 pm, to thank Linda for her many contributions and to wish her well in retirement.

Contributions to the celebration are welcome and may be sent to Denise Atkinson in the Graduate School.

Robert Deluty, Graduate School, Publishes His 44th Book

robertdelutyRobert Deluty, associate dean of the graduate school, has published a new volume of poetry, “Rock Piles and Cathedrals.”

In his review, Ronald Pies writes: “Robert Deluty’s marvelous new collection of poems takes, as its leitmotif, Saint-Exupery’s observation that ‘A rock pile ceases to be a rock pile the moment a single man contemplates it, bearing within him the image of a cathedral.’ This is reminiscent of Michelangelo’s revelation that his art aimed at freeing the ‘inner statue’ from within the rough marble. So, too, with Deluty’s observations, in which he perceives the inner light, concealed within so many of life’s dark moments. Readers will find many penetrating illuminations throughout this volume, revealing Deluty’s remarkable ability to see cathedrals within piles of rocks.”

This volume, as well as all of Dr. Deluty’s other books, may be purchased at the UMBC Bookstore.

Professional Graduate Program Open House at UMBC’s South Campus (4/23)

UMBC’s Division of Professional Studies offers a broad array of professionally focused master’s degrees and graduate certificates that help prepare professionals for today’s most in-demand careers.

On April 23, attend the Professional Graduate Program Open House at UMBC’s South Campus (bwtech@UMBC South), to learn about graduate programs in Biotechnology, Cybersecurity, Health Information Technology, Engineering Management and Systems Engineering.

During the session, there will be an opportunity to participate in discussions with program directors, staff and alumni, and meet Career Services representatives to learn careers, job searching resources available and internships. Additionally, the Open House will provide an opportunity to learn about financing education, as well as the educational benefits available to veterans.

The Open House is scheduled for Wednesday, April 23, 2014 from 6:00 PM – 7:30 PM. Click here to RSVP.

Summer 2014 Dissertation Fellowships

Applications for Summer 2014 Dissertation Fellowships will be accepted by the Office of the Associate Dean of the Graduate School until 4:30 p.m., Friday, April 25, 2014.

A committee consisting of three members of the Graduate School Leadership Team will review applications and announce recipients of the Fellowship by May 15, 2014. Selection will be based on the extent of convincing evidence that the award will provide the critical element needed to complete the dissertation.

Click here to find out more information.

NSF PROMISE AGEP Grant Funded; UMBC is Lead Partner

UMBC is pleased to announce that the National Science Foundation grant for PROMISE: Maryland’s Alliance for Graduate Education and the Professoriate (AGEP) has been funded. UMBC is the lead campus on this University System of Maryland-wide, $1.75 million, 3.5 year grant. UMBC’s primary partners will continue to be the University of Maryland, College Park and the University of Maryland, Baltimore, and all of the campuses within the USM will participate.

Signature programs will continue with funding for graduate students from USM’s campuses to attend activities such as Dissertation House and Summer Success Institute (SSI). Programming and mentoring for postdoctoral fellows throughout the system will also be expanded. New activities include the annual graduate student research and careers conference that will build on the recommendations of the Council of Graduate Schools’ report “Pathways Through Graduate School and Into Careers” and an annual conference for undergraduates to learn about opportunities in graduate school. Finally, Professors in Training (PROF-it) students will have opportunities for mentored teaching experiences at campuses across the USM, and several community colleges.

The National Science Foundation’s AGEP program is intended to increase significantly the number of domestic students receiving doctoral degrees in the sciences, technology, engineering, and mathematics, with special emphasis on those population groups underrepresented in these fields.

Robert Deluty, Graduate School, Publishes his 41st Book

Robert Deluty, associate dean of the Graduate School, has published a new book, titled “Entering Through the Window.”

In his review, physician, poet, and writer Ronald Pies writes, “Robert Deluty’s poems truly do ‘enter through the window,’ surprising and sometimes startling us into new awareness. At times, we experience these short poems with the intensity of a Zen koan; at times, with the power of a perfectly timed joke, as in ‘Yom Kippur/ the quarter-Jewish man/ skipping dessert’ or ‘offered horseradish/ their teen declines, stating/ she’s a vegan.’ As we have come to expect with this prolific poet of the microcosm, Deluty manages to reveal an entire world through a very small window”

Entering Through the Window,” as well as Deluty’s other books, may be purchased at the UMBC Bookstore.

Robert Deluty, Graduate School, Publishes His 40th Book

Robert Deluty, associate dean of the graduate school, has published a new volume of poetry, The Knife and the Pumpkin.  In his review, Ronald Pies writes:

“Robert Deluty’s latest collection of poems takes its title from an intriguing comment by the novelist, Simone Schwarz-Bart: ‘Only the knife knows what goes on in the heart of a pumpkin.’ Physicians and therapists might be put in mind of a kindred statement by Sophocles: ‘A wise doctor does not mutter incantations over a sore that needs the knife.’ Both sayings teach us that, sometimes, there is no avoiding pain in getting to the heart of the matter. Deluty’s wonderful new collection understands this well. And yet, as always with Deluty’s poems, there is the saving grace of the poet’s ironic humor and deep human sympathy — deflecting the knife blade when it would do more harm than good.”

The Knife and the Pumpkin, as well as all of Dr. Deluty’s books, may be purchased at the UMBC Bookstore.

Robert Deluty, Graduate School, Publishes His 39th Book

Robert Deluty, associate dean of the graduate school and associate professor of psychology, has published a new volume of poetry, “The Inventor as Observer.” In his review, Richard M. Berlin writes:

“In his 39th book, Robert Deluty continues his long record as the contemporary poet whose work is guaranteed to make me laugh out loud one minute and bring tears to my eyes the next.  His craft has evolved to what seems like an effortless level of mastery in poems filled with sly observations, surprise, word play, and his trademark warmth and wit.  Who else could write a book that includes the mind-set of a mastiff, exhausted poets, car mechanics, children, professors, and an illiterate man living on Brooklyn’s Avenue X. Like its predecessors, this collection of poems sparkles on every page.”

“The Inventor as Observer,” as well as all of Deluty’s other books, may be purchased at the UMBC Bookstore.