Shinogle Award Lecture and Reception (11/14)

6:00-7:30 pm
Public Policy Room 206

Join UMBC faculty, students, staff and guests for a presentation by 2014 Judith A. Shinogle Memorial Award recipient Alison Mitchell. There will be a reception following the lecture.

Ms. Mitchell is a Public Policy Ph.D. candidate in the health policy concentration. She received her B.A. from Boston University, and an M.P.P. from George Washington University. An analyst in health care financing for the Congressional Research Service (CRS), she assists members of Congress and their staff with policy and legislative issues related to Medicaid and the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP). The family of Judith Shinogle established the Memorial Award in her memory to provide support for doctoral students committed to health policy research. Dr. Shinogle had a distinguished and productive career as a health policy analyst and researcher. At the time of her death, she was a senior research scientist with the UMBC Maryland Institute for Policy Analysis and Research, and an adjunct faculty member of the Department of Public Policy.

Please RSVP to Pam Mollen by November 10 at

Donald Norris, Public Policy, in the Baltimore Sun, Washington Post, and on WJZ

Donald Norris UMBCThroughout the week leading up to Election Day 2014, Public Policy Professor and Chair Donald Norris was in the news analyzing Maryland’s gubernatorial election. Norris appeared on WJZ-TV and was quoted in the Baltimore Sun and Washington Post.

Norris discussed the governor’s race drawing national interest, the candidates’ position on taxes, voter attitudes, and how turnout could affect the race. To read and view full coverage of Norris’ analysis, click on the links below:

On Thursday, November 13, Norris will participate in a post-election forum at UMBC along with Political Science Professor and Chair Thomas Schaller and Washington Post Political Reporter John Wagner. For more information, click here.

Social Sciences Forum: Post-Election Forum (11/13)

On Thursday, November 13, the Post-Election Forum will take place at 4:00 p.m. in the Albin O. Kuhn Library Gallery. Join experienced political analysts for an engaging discussion of the 2014 Maryland Gubernatorial election – the campaigns, the candidates, the issues, and the outcomes.

Speakers include Public Policy Professor and Chair Donald F. Norris, Political
Science Professor and Chair Thomas F. Schaller, and Washington Post Political Reporter John Wagner.

The event is sponsored by the Maryland Institute for Policy Analysis and Research (MIPAR) and the Department of Public Policy.

Donald Norris, Public Policy, in the Baltimore Sun

Donald Norris UMBCAs the Maryland gubernatorial race intensifies, Public Policy Professor and Chair Donald Norris was interviewed for several articles in the Baltimore Sun providing analysis. Norris commented on voter turnout, Republican candidate Larry Hogan’s campaign strategy, and distortions that have been prevalent during the campaign. To read complete version of the three articles Norris was quoted in, click below.

Brown bucks trend nationally with Obama invitation
Hogan, activist and businessman, ‘wears his passion on his sleeve’
Distortions fly in the race for governor

Donald Norris, Public Policy, on WJZ and WYPR, in the Washington Post

Ahead of Tuesday’s Maryland gubernatorial debate, Public Policy Professor and Chair Donald Norris analyzed what was at stake in the debate and what each candidate needed to accomplish.

Donald Norris UMBC

In an interview on WJZ Channel 13, Norris said, “what each candidate needs to accomplish at the debates is first to look personable so that they don’t turn people off with their demeanor. And secondly, they have to not make any mistakes.” He added, “different people are going to have different perspectives on who wins or who loses — again — unless somebody makes a really big mistake,” Norris added.

On WYPR, Norris commented on the potential impact of the debates. “Debates don’t matter much, especially gubernatorial debates, because nobody watches them,” Norris said. He noted that because debates don’t generally draw a large audience, it would take a major mistake by one of the candidates for voters to notice.

“If somebody makes a big blunder it’ll be all over the television, all over the radio, in the newspaper —  you know: ‘Brown stumbles badly, Hogan doesn’t remember where Annapolis is’ whatever it may be,” Norris said.

Norris was also quoted in a Washington Post article published on October 11 about Gov. Martin O’Malley’s approval ratings.

To read, watch and listen to the full stories, click below:
The Stage is Set for the First Gubernatorial Debate on Oct. 7 (WJZ)
What’s at Stake at First Governor’s Race Debate? (WYPR)
As O’Malley’s approval rating falls, Md. voters not confident in his presidential bid (Washington Post)

Donald Norris, Public Policy, in The Baltimore Sun and Jewish Times

Donald NorrisPublic Policy Professor and Chair Donald Norris discussed the upcoming gubernatorial election in The Baltimore Sun and Jewish Times this week.

In an article in the Jewish Times about Republicanism in Maryland, Norris predicted that a win for the Democrats, explaining that Republican nominee Larry Hogan’s focus on the economy would not sway voters. In The Baltimore Sun, Norris commented on Hogan’s attention to environmental issues. Hogan has questioned Democratic nominee Anthony Brown’s commitment to cleaning up the Chesapeake Bay. “I’ve been in the state since 1986, and I don’t remember the bay being an issue, at least in this way,” said Norris.

Click here to read “Being Purple” in the Jewish Times and here to read “A political divide over the environment” in The Baltimore Sun.

Norris also spoke to the Baltimore Sun about Governor Martin O’Malley’s possible bid for the presidency and how it might affect his relationship with the Clintons. “He’s a got a relationship with the Clintons,” Norris said. “And I don’t know how you run against someone without ticking them off.”

Click here to read “Subtly, O’Malley draws distinctions with Clinton” in The Baltimore Sun.

Donald Norris, Public Policy, in The Baltimore Sun and on WJZ 13

Public Policy Professor and Chair Donald Norris spoke to The Baltimore Sun and WJZ 13 about risk-taking in the gubernatorial campaign and Ben Caron’s possible bid for the presidency.

Donald Norris UMBCIn a Baltimore Sun article about how both nominees for governor have avoided risky campaign strategies, Norris commented on Republican nominee Larry Hogan’s vague campaign promises. “As soon as he gives specifics, that opens him to attack from his opponent,” Norris said.

Norris also spoke to WJZ 13 about former Johns Hopkins head of neurosurgery Ben Carson’s possible bid for the presidency, mentioning that Carson might be too far to the right to become the Republican nominee. Norris called Carson “a tremendous human being” but did not have high hopes for his presidential bid, saying, “He’ll be a very, very long shot. Even experienced politicians making the kind of comments he makes will be out of the race very, very quickly.”

Click here to read “As presumed gubernatorial front-runner, Brown takes few risks on the campaign trail” in The Baltimore Sun and here to watch “Ben Carson Considering A Run For 2016 Presidential Election” on WJZ 13.