Robert Provine, Psychology, on “Your Own Health and Fitness”

Robert Provine, professor of psychology, recently appeared on the radio program “Your Own Health and Fitness,” which is based on a radio station in the San Francisco Bay area and syndicated on several stations across the U.S.

The topic of the discussion was Provine’s scientific investigation of laughter.  Provine discussed his early research, and how one of his first discoveries was that if he wanted to study laughter, he was going to have to leave the lab and go out into the real world.

“I started off, as many people might, by looking at the response of individuals in a laboratory to jokes. This ends up being a very bad approach for several reasons. People don’t laugh much in a laboratory setting, and they don’t laugh much at jokes when they’re by themselves. So it’s important to get out into the world,” he said.

The full interview can be downloaded here.

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