Common ¢ent$: Maximizing $aving$ With Coupons (5/2)

This is the first workshop in a series called Common ¢ent$: Practical Tips for Savvy Living.

We know we need to stretch our dollars to make them last, but how? We spend up to 25% of our take home pay on groceries and daily essentials like household and personal care products. The price on the shelf is NOT necessarily the price you HAVE to pay at the register. Learn ways to use coupons, store sales and other programs to maximize savings. Did you know that you can get items for FREE or even get PAID to buy a product?

Shobhna Arora, an experienced couponer, and Lisa Drouillard, a couponer in training, will use real examples based on their experiences to teach you strategies to cut your household spending including groceries and personal care products.

Participants will learn:

  • Couponing lingo and terminology;
  • Where to find coupons;
  • How to get organized;
  • Online resources; and
  • Examples of real savings

Never Pay Full Price. . . Especially When You Don’t Have To!

The workshop will be Wednesday, May 2, 2-3:30 p.m., in The Commons, Room 331.

Register by April 24 at

Get a flyer with details at

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