Roy T. Meyers, Political Science, on PolitiFact

UMBC professor Roy T. Meyers, political science, offered his budget expertise in this week’s PolitiFact analysis of a claim by Rep. Paul Ryan that “the president has doubled the size of government since he took office.” The article concludes that data do not support Ryan’s statement. Meyers argues that even if the doubling claim were true, President Obama would not be the cause.

“Were all the increased outlays because of Obama’s actions? Of course not,” Meyers says. “Many of them were the result of ‘mandatory’ policies in place before he took office, and those policies responded to unfavorable economic conditions — deposit insurance, food stamps, Medicaid, unemployment insurance and so on.”

PolitiFact rated Ryan’s claim “Pants on Fire” and Ryan’s office has since replaced the sentence on his congressional website.