Rebecca Boehling, History, in the News

News that Dresher Center for the Humanities director Rebecca Boehling’s was recently named Director of the International Tracing Service, has recently been covered in several news outlets.

On June 22,  The Baltimore Jewish Times published a story entitled “Professor To Head International Tracing Service,” which explored Boehling’s background and that of the ITS. Boehling spoke on a number of topics which ranged from anecdotal experiences related to the ITS’s profile and the shifting discourse within Germany on the war to the possible advantage of being an American “outsider” holding such a sensitive post as hers. As to her plans for the ITS during her expected 2 1/2 year tenure in Germany, Boehling said that “[t]he ITS is burgeoning… but I’m going to make sure it burgeons more.”

Boehling was also a guest on WYPR’s Maryland Morning with Sheilah Kast on June 26th, where she spoke on her appointment to the ITS, its evolution from its original purpose of tracing and reuniting family members and other survivors of the Holocaust to incorporate more scholarly research, and being the first American appointed to its directorship.

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