Kimberly Moffitt, American Studies, on Midday with Dan Rodricks

Kimberly Moffitt, assistant professor of American studies, appeared on Midday with Dan Rodricks on Tuesday, October 9 to discuss the upcoming election.  Moffitt discussed both the presidential election and Maryland ballot initiatives with Rodricks, the other guests, and callers.

The first topic the group covered was the widespread consensus that Barack Obama lost the first presidential debate.  This led to Mitt Romney’s poll numbers going up despite the fact that the unemployment rate fell below 8 percent.

“Visuals make a difference for us. Being able to see Romney come out and be aggressive, seem confident and show us that he had the ability to be a president is what really stuck with the American people, and that is what carried us through the weekend, instead of talking about the job numbers. [The job numbers] didn’t hold water for us, but the visual of seeing him on that split screen with Obama who seemed very reserved and not his usual self, is what made the huge difference,” Moffitt said.

The full interview can be heard online here.

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