Campus is CLOSED & Classes are Cancelled Monday (10/29) & Tuesday (10/30) Due to Hurricane Sandy

UPDATE 3 pm 10/29: Registration began today for graduate students and was scheduled to begin tomorrow for undergraduates. However, because of the uncertainties brought to our region by Hurricane Sandy, registration is being postponed.
All registration will close Monday, October 29, at 4pm.  It will remain closed until 9:30am on the day that campus reopens. (Currently, the campus is closed through Tuesday, October 30, and you can keep up-to-date on any further closures on this site or by calling 410.455.6789.)

For graduate students who have already registered, your schedules will remain intact.  The same is true for all Winter registrations. For undergraduate students, appointment times will change, but the order will remain the same. When campus reopens, we will adjust the time slots so that you will be able to see your new appointment using your myUMBC account or viewing the schedule on the registrar webpage.

UPDATE 1 pm 10/29: Campus will be CLOSED and classes are cancelled Tuesday, October 30, due to Hurricane Sandy. As previously announced, the campus is also closed Monday, October 29.

The UMBC Crisis Management Team will continue to monitor weather conditions to make determinations about any future closings, so please check the UMBC homepage, Insights and myUMBC for updates. We will also continue to send updates through text alerts. You are encouraged to sign up for our E2Campus text alert service by going You can find more information about how UMBC is dealing with the affects of Hurricane Sandy, along with general information about hurricane preparedness, below.

UPDATE 7 pm 10/28: Campus will be closed and classes are cancelled Monday, October 29, due to Hurricane Sandy. The UMBC Crisis Management Team will continue to monitor weather conditions to make determinations about any future closings, so please check back for updates here, at, or You can also call 410.455.6789 for updates.

FROM: Lynne Schaefer, Vice President for Finance and Administration and Mark Sparks, Chief of UMBC Police

The UMBC Crisis Management Team would like to make you aware of possibly severe weather conditions that may occur from late Sunday through the early part of next week, depending on the track of Hurricane Sandy.  Weather conditions are being monitored for the campus by WeatherData, which provides up to date weather forecasts and predictions for our campus zip code.

Currently, Hurricane Sandy is tracking along the east coast of the United States, and it is anticipated to impact our area within the next 72 hours. We will send out additional information through email, text messages, UMBC Insights, and the UMBC homepage, as weather modeling systems develop firmer forecasts regarding storm track. The campus Crisis Management Team is meeting to prepare for the storm, and to mitigate the impact of the storm on our campus. To receive the most up to date information about the storm and its impact on UMBC, you are encouraged to sign up for our E2Campus text alert service by going to

Depending on the severity of the storm in this area, there is a possibility that the campus will lose power for a period of time.

Before leaving for the weekend, faculty and staff are encouraged to:

  • Back up essential computer files.
  • Power down all computers and other electrical equipment.
  • Lock all windows and close the blinds in their respective areas.
  • Make alternative plans for any critical programs that are dependent on electrical power.

For students living on campus, the Residential Life has detailed information on its website about how best to prepare for potentially severe weather, as well as what to do in the case of a possible power outage.

For faculty, staff and students at home, develop an emergency plan to help you mitigate the effects of a the storm, such as procuring flashlights and a battery powered radio, having your electronic devices charged up, especially cell phones, and having enough food and water to last for a couple of days. Secure any loose items in your yard to keep them from blowing away and damaging other property. It is additionally helpful to turn your refrigerator up to its highest setting prior to a power outage, in order to help preserve your refrigerated food. Additional pertinent information can be found at

20 thoughts on “Campus is CLOSED & Classes are Cancelled Monday (10/29) & Tuesday (10/30) Due to Hurricane Sandy

  1. I am a commuter and I commute from Bel Air Maryland. As you may know, the storm is expected to hit on Monday. Are classes going to be cancelled? I don’t want to be stuck on campus and unable to get home.

  2. Since they closed the schools in the area, does that mean that classes are cancelled?

  3. The local news is urging us to stay off the roads tomorrow. I have a fairly long commute to campus. Should I be planning to drive to school in the morning? What about going home in the afternoon? I don’t want to get trapped on campus. Can you *please* let us know what UMBC is planning for tomorrow? I’m not sure where else to go for information as there has been no update or word, not even a “wait and see” from campus.

  4. It would have been helpful if this notice had provided a telephone number that can be called to find out if the school is closed on Tuesday. If commuting students, faculty, or staff are without power on monday night or early tuesday, and do not use mobile media, they cannot check email, home pages, Insights, or text messages.

  5. Apologies for the omission. You can call 410.455.6789 for updates. I’ve also added it above for other readers. Thanks for pointing that out!

  6. Is the commons will be closed too on monday, like all the food stuff like ABP, outflakes and all that as starbucks is open?

  7. It would be nice to know if school will be closed Tuesday, not last minute like last night. I have to drive to school in these conditions and rather do so sooner than later, So I am anticipating news updates.

  8. I get the feeling that the university is trying to straddle the fence on the question of whether to cancel classes on Tuesday. Please be advised that many of your commuter students will be driving from the west, where the most severe parts of the storm will still be wreaking havoc long after the eye of the storm moves beyond Baltimore around midnight Tuesday. I will attempt to drive to school on Tuesday morning if classes are not cancelled, but the university and its employees will be held liable for any injuries sustained or damages incurred by me during the commute from western MD to UMBC. Thank you.

  9. Thank you for thinking of our safety and closing campus on Monday — I suspect it will be closed on Tuesday, as well – since the “worst” part of the winds and outages are due later today and overnight. My windows in Westminster sound like they are coming in at any minute and bringing the trees with them – very scary storm. Be safe everyone!

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