Kimberly Moffitt, American Studies, in Election Coverage

Kimberly Moffitt, assistant professor of American studies, served as an election expert for two radio program in the days leading up to and following the November 6 election.

On Monday, November 5, Moffitt appeared on the “Marc Steiner Show” to weigh in on the final day of a tight race.  Moffitt questioned whether the race was actually as tight as the media portrayed it to be.

“I see it as the media’s role to make sure we are engaged in this way and to believe that there is something to tune into, so that we make sure to either tube into their station, or show up at the polls tomorrow.  I’m not sure it’s as neck and neck as we are positioning it to be, but I believe it is good business for it to be neck and neck,” she said.

Following the election, Moffitt appeared on “Midday with Dan Rodricks” on Thursday, November 8 to discuss the results.

“We’re now at the place where I think the GOP has often acknowledged the 80s as its heyday.  And largely that’s linked to Reagan and his time representing and serving our country. But he himself always counted the 50s as America’s heyday.  And I think where we are now, the reality is that neither of those decades mean anything significant or monumental, especially to the under 40 crowd and certainly to ethnic minorities.  And based on that, the GOP seemed to be a political party that disconnected and removed from any sense of what those two populations in this country would be able to support and endorse,” she said.

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