Recruiting for Program to Promote Healthy Relationships (12/11)

This spring, the non-profit organization Men Can Stop Rape (MCSR), Inc. seeks 4-6 male UMBC students to serve as Men Of Strength (MOST) Club Facilitators to work with young men regarding “attitudes and awareness about bullying and sexual harassment, healthy relationships, and masculinity.” There are 2-3 sites in East Baltimore that MCSR is working with which includes the Carmelo Anthony Rec Center. The hope is to recruit two males to co-facilitate these sessions.

The commitment would be 2-3 days of training (in January), as well as weekly implementation of the curriculum (@ 2-3 hours/week to include the time for travel). Sessions would take place this spring after school and would be during the week. MOST facilitators would have the ability to be enrolled in the 096 Community Service & Learning practicum through the Shriver Center, a zero-credit transcript notation for participating in this service-learning opportunity.

An Information Session will be held on Tuesday, 12/11 in PUP 107, from 12-1 pm. Pizza will be provided. Come out to meet Rhett Walker, MCSR Campus Training Coordinator, even if you cannot stay the entire time.

If you are interested and/or have any questions, contact Lori Hardesty, Assistant Director, Service-Learning, K-16 Partnerships at Also, please help by forwarding this information to students and colleagues that may be interested.   In the meantime, read more about MCSR through the words of Jeff Cullen, Director of Student Judicial Services, who recently shared “When Doing Nothing Is Not an Option” via BreakingGround’s blog.

For more info on MCSR, go to

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