Ellen Handler Spitz, Honors College, on the “Marc Steiner Show”

Ellen Handler Spitz, honors college professor of visual arts, was a guest on the “Marc Steiner Show” on Tuesday, December 18, to discuss children’s literature, the best children’s literature of the year, and books that make good gifts.  Spitz was joined by Deborah Taylor, School and Student Services Coordinator for the Enoch Pratt Free Library, and JoAnn Fruchtman, owner of The Children’s Bookstore in Roland Park.

Spitz spoke to the bond that books can create between a parents and a child.  Because children cannot read when they are very young, the experience of books must be shared with an adult, which creates a bond.

“Even though we have all kind of wonderful technology, the books are there for a relational cultural experience,” she said.

Spitz also encouraged parents to take care with the books they share with their children.

“I feel passionately that just as we think about the food that we give to our children, and we want to give them something nourishing, I think what goes into their minds, into their heads, is equally important.  I think parents, and teachers, and editors, and the writers themselves, need to think very seriously about the cultural lives of children. When you are a child, you are a sponge.  Everything goes in; every subtle hint becomes a part of your psychic equipment,” she said.

The full segment can be heard here.

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