Baltimore Dance Project (2/7-2/9)

BaltimoreDance-5939Baltimore Dance Project returns to UMBC for three nights of spectacular 30th anniversary performances Thursday through Saturday, February 7 – 9 in the Performing Arts and Humanities Building Theatre. The performances will be held at 8:00 pm each evening.

Under the tutelage of company directors and UMBC Dance Faculty, Carol Hess and Doug Hamby, Baltimore Dance Project expands modern dance with visually stunning, interdisciplinary and collaborative works. These performances bring together dancers, visual artists and live musicians, and will feature two riveting dances with award-winning dancer and Department of Dance Instructor, Sandra Lacy, and a dance performed to the live percussion of John Cage, played by Department of Music’s Tom Goldstein. Get ready for interactive sound and video, the poetry of Gertrude Stein, and the music of Ferdinand Maisel and Timothy Nohe. Don’t miss it!

Find out more about Baltimore Dance Project, ticketing and the program through the Arts and Culture Calendar.

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