For All the World to Hear Featured on WJZ

Robert Houston, photographer and For All the World to Hear storyteller

Robert Houston, photographer

“What we take for granted now has not always been that way. Someone had to pay for that. It cost dearly. Some people gave their lives and careers,” says Robert Houston, discussing the battle for equality during the American civil rights movement in an interview with WJZ. Robert Houston is one of ten storytellers involved in the CADVC community outreach project, For All the World to Hear: Stories from the Struggle for Civil Rights, and one of a number of people, including project coordinator Sandra Abbott of the  CADVC, interviewed in a segment for CBS Baltimore.

The feature relates the For All the World to Hear performance at the Maryland Historical Society, to the gallery exhibition on display there and the impact of Baltimore’s diverse communities in the civil rights movement.

Read more, and watch the feature, “Oral, Visual History Exhibit Showcases Civil Rights in Baltimore.”