Women’s Center Returning Student Scholarships for 2013-2014 Now Available (Due 4/5)

Are you an undergraduate student 25 or older? Do you have 60+ credits?

You may be eligible for the Charlotte W. Newcombe Scholarship for Mature Students or the Bryson-Neville Scholarship for Returning Women. Find both applications, for full details regarding eligibility, at the Women’s Center website: http://www.umbc.edu/womenscenter/resources_and_referrals.html (scroll down to the “Scholarships” section). Applications are due on Friday, April 5th by 4pm.

We have moved to an online submission form, so please pay attention to instructions carefully, especially regarding the electronic signature. Hard copies may still be submitted directly to the Women’s Center if you prefer that option over online submission. Please be sure to follow all of the instructions in order to be considered an eligible applicant.

As a reminder, all returning women are invited to be a part of our Returning Women’s Forum, and to attend meetings that are held in the Women’s Center every Wednesday at 10am during the spring semester. An evening meeting will also take place on Thursday, February 28th at 5pm in the Women’s Center for both returning women and men. For more information about this community, feel free to contact the Women’s Center using the information below. To be connected to the community outside of meeting times, please also consider joining our Facebook group. Request an invite at: https://www.facebook.com/groups/461437163919458/

For additional information or questions, call the Women’s Center at 410.455.2714 or email womens.center@umbc.edu

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