UMBC Is Closed Monday, 3/25

UMBC is closed and all classes are cancelled Monday, March 25, due to inclement weather. You can read more about UMBC’s inclement weather closing procedure here.

Any weather-related updates to the campus will be made through the UMBC homepageInsights and myUMBC. We will also send any updates through text alerts, and you are encouraged to sign up for our E2Campus text alert service by going

8 thoughts on “UMBC Is Closed Monday, 3/25

  1. And why did UMBC wait until 830am to do this when so many people were already on campus or coming to campus?!

  2. Folks, it was a reasonable decision to close the campus, but we all knew at 7am that the roads were a bit messy and that we’d be getting about 2″ of snow. From my perspective as a staff member driving in from Baltimore, I drove out early so as to allow time for heavy traffic. It seems to me that UMBC had sufficient information to decide on a closing policy by 8am. This would have saved a number of folks the drive today.

  3. Especially considering we’ve gotten 7am announcements that campus was closed when there was nothing on the ground. I’m glad I didn’t attempt the drive for my 8am class this morning, or I would have been even more annoyed.

  4. The second I parked, I got a text saying UMBC is closed…and I had to drive all the way from College Park! I do not understand why wait so long…

  5. A number of you have asked questions about the timing of the closure decision, so I wanted to share a note from UMBC’s Vice President for Finance and Administration sincerely apologizing for any difficulties caused by the timing:

    March 25, 2013

    TO: The UMBC Community

    FROM: Lynne Schaefer, Vice President for Administration and Finance

    RE: Timing of Today’s Campus Closure

    I am writing to sincerely apologize for any difficulties and confusion caused by the timing of today’s campus closure.

    Our Inclement Weather Team does its best to monitor weather conditions and make closing decisions in a timely fashion. We based our initial decision to open campus on the best forecasts available early this morning, and unfortunately, conditions continued to change throughout the morning. The team grew concerned about regional transit conditions and our ability to keep the campus environment safe for faculty, staff, students and visitors, and we then decided to close as of 8:30 a.m.

    Again, I sincerely apologize for any difficulties caused by the timing of the closure decision.

  6. Thank you for answering the question so thoroughly. Though UMBC does a great job of keeping the walkways clear most days, I was concerned about walking from Parking Lot E to the main campus at 8:30 today. I am sure it will be fine by tomorrow.

  7. I agree. This was perverse. I checked the website from 5.45 a.m. onward, got on the shuttle to get here by 8.00, got to my office by 8.25, and was told 10 minutes later to leave. Two profs with 9 a.m. classes had already arrived, needless to say — or perhaps better, needless to say to anyone other than a university administrator, the last thing on whose mind is the schedule of commuting and class preparation of the persons who teach at this academic institution.

    Snow was falling at 5.00 a.m. in SW Baltimore, unlike three weeks ago, when the university was closed for a weather non-event.

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