UMBC Earns Accolades in Ranking Reports

UMBC recently earned accolades in three college ranking reports.

The Online College Database recognized the high salaries of UMBC graduates in its list of most affordable colleges.  The website used data from the “2012-2013 PayScale College Salary Report” to rank UMBC as having the second-highest post-graduation starting salary of colleges in Maryland with annual tuition under $20,000.  According to the report, the average starting salary of a UMBC graduate is $50,300.

On June 19, Business Insider placed UMBC at number seven on a list of the 25 most underrated colleges in America.  The site combined the PayScale ranking with those produced by U.S. News & World Report to discover colleges and universities with a large disparity between their college rank and their salary rank.  When the data was combined, UMBC emerged as a school with a stronger outcome than expected, earning a top spot on the list.

UMBC was also included on the Times Higher Education‘s 100 Under 50 list for the second consecutive year, ranking 60th on a list of the best young universities across the globe. The list highlights colleges and universities established less than 50 years ago that have promising futures. Particular attention was given to institutions with strong research, innovation and international outlook.

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