Recently Hired Staff

Please join the Department of Human Resources in welcoming our campus’ recently hired staff:

  • David Anguish, Admissions
  • Michele Beaulieu, MIPAR
  • Keia Brown, Financial Aid
  • Terisa Carpenter, Admissions
  • Marisa Crane, Athletics
  • Daniel D’Lugoff, Shriver Center
  • Michele Drummond, Registrar’s Office
  • Tayyibah Hasan, Shriver Center
  • Leslie Jones, Shriver Center
  • Kathleen Kolarek, Athletics
  • Catherine Kruchten, Jnt Ctr Earth Sys Technology
  • Akeembra Lawrence, Institutional Research
  • Daryl Lazaro, MIPAR
  • Andrew Linn, Financial Aid
  • Ann Liu, MIPAR
  • Sean Lobar, Shriver Center
  • Donna-Lee Mahabeer, Shriver Center
  • Jeremy Martin, Facilities Management
  • Kevin Noon, Athletics
  • Zeevelle Nottingham-Lemon, Shriver Center
  • Kristin Sagun, Counseling
  • Christine Schene, Admissions
  • Cody Sizemore, University Commons
  • Karl Steiner, Ofc of VP Research
  • Olivia Straub, Shriver Center
  • Justin Ternent, Registrar’s Office
  • David Toothe, DoIT
  • Chanel Williams, Shriver Center

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