UMBC’s 36th Annual Graduate Research Conference

UMBC’s 36th Annual Graduate Research Conference was held on Wednesday, March 26, 2014. Organized by the Graduate Student Association, the conference had over 85 oral and poster presentations across a variety of disciplines. The successful conference ended in a lively Pathways to Success Panel.

Poster Presentation with Judges

The Graduate Research Conference seeks to provide an opportunity for students to gain experience presenting their work. Judges evaluate each presenter and provide feedback, giving special recognition to exceptional presentations. This year’s poster and oral presentation winners are listed below.

Poster Session Winners
Morgan Madeira – CSEE
Saadi Habib – Mechanical Engineering
Hui Jun Lim – Psychology
William Easley – Information Systems
Arundhathi Venkatasubraman – CBEE
Kenneth Childers – Chemistry & Biochemistry
Molly Van Appledorn – GES
Kayla Lemons – Biological Sciences
Arya Ashok – Biological Sciences

Oral Presentation Winners
Jonathan McHenry – Mathematics & Statistics
Evgenia Barannikova – Chemistry & Biochemistry
Daniel Schall – GES
Michele Williams – Information Systems
Kimberly Feldman – LLC
David Harris – CSEE

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