U.S. Treasury Deputy Secretary Raskin Visits UMBC to Deliver First Policy Address

raskinSarah Bloom Raskin, Deputy Secretary of the U.S. Treasury, visited UMBC on April 29 to make her first official policy address.

Raskin met with UMBC students for a roundtable discussion before her speech on college affordability and student debt. In her remarks, Raskin emphasized the importance of a college education for economic mobility and also explored key questions the U.S. Treasury is asking with regard to student debt, to make sure students make informed choices and strong educational investments. After her address, Deputy Secretary Raskin and President Hrabowski participated in a public discussion further exploring these issues.

Click here to read Deputy Secretary Raskin’s remarks, and see the links below for media coverage of the policy address.

Treasury official: College should be cheaper (CNBC)
Top Treasury Official Calls Out Education Department Over Student Loans (Huffington Post)
Obama administration flags big growth in student debt (Reuters)
Enrollment in Student-Debt Forgiveness Programs Soars in 2014 (Wall Street Journal)
Raskin’s first speech raps banks over student-loan defaults (Market Watch)
US Treasury sounds alarm over student loans (Yahoo! News)
Home Prices Made ‘Only a Partial Recovery,’ Raskin Says (Bloomberg Businessweek)
US’s Raskin: Need To Address Student Loan Debt To Protect Econ (MNI)

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