Julie Rosenthal, Asian Studies and Gerontology, Receives Howard County Living the Dream Award

Julie Rosenthal, Program Management Specialist of the Asian Studies Program and Gerontology PhD Program, has been selected to receive the Howard County Living the Dream Award for her work to establish the Food on the 15th, a program through which Howard County students both collect and distribute groceries and toiletries to seniors citizens in the county.

The 31st Annual Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday Celebration honors the life and legacy of a great American, someone who continues to influence the drive for equality and acceptance of all people.

Henderson and Herring Presentation at the United Nations

Loren Henderson, Assistant Professor of Sociology, and Cedric Herring, Professor and Director of the Language, Literacy, and Culture PhD Program, presented their research on the cultural and structural sources of racial disparities in wealth at the United Nations conference on “Poverty, Inequality, and Global Conflict.”

The conference, sponsored by the United Nations Academic Impact Programme, featured speakers such as Her Excellency Marie Louise Coleiro Preca, President of Malta; former President of the American Sociological Association Frances Fox Piven; President of the Russel Sage Foundation Sheldon Danziger; and Member of the European Parliament Glyn Ford.

Jonathan Powell, professional studies, publishes article on cybersecurity

A new article titled “The Capability Conundrum: Creating Constructs for Unleashing the Power and Potential of Your Most Important Resource” published in CrossTalk, the Journal of Defense Software Engineering, delves into the depths of human capital and its impact on software projects, including outlining frameworks for enhancing the quality of software talent, innovation, training and motivation.

Jonathan Powell, an Adjunct Professor in the Division of Professional Studies, is author of the article, the fourth time his work has been featured in print.


Robert Deluty, graduate school, publishes his 50th book

Robert Deluty, associate dean of the Graduate School, has published his 50th book, “On the Tightrope.” In his review, Ronald Pies writes:

“In many ways, Robert Deluty’s excellent new collection of poems mirrors Karl Wallenda’s dictum that ‘Being on the tightrope is living; everything else is waiting.’ The ‘tightrope’ of Deluty’s world is the one stretched perilously over the tragic and the comic, the poignant and the absurd. Thus we find ‘Guantanamo Bay…/ the young prison guard reading/ Kafka’s The Trial,’ alongside ‘walking down the aisle/ the bride’s father asking her/ You’re sure he’s the one?’ Nobody walks the tightrope of life’s perils and paradoxes better, or with more humor and heart, than Robert Deluty.”

“On the Tightrope,” as well as all of Dr. Deluty’s other books, are on sale at the campus bookstore.

Kristin Waters, undergraduate admissions, presents at MSACROA Annual Meeting

Kristin Albright Waters, Associate Director of Undergraduate Admissions, presented two sessions at the 85th Annual Meeting for the Middle States Association of Collegiate Registrars and Officers of Admission (MSACROA) at Dover Downs, Del. in December.

She presented, “Working from Home? The Benefits of Creating a Flexible Work Environment”, which is based on her research for her doctoral dissertation and also, “In State, Out of State, or Something in Between? How to Manage Residency and All its Exceptions” which is based upon her work on residency classification and state policy.