2015 UMBC Summer Day Camp

summer-day-camp-banner-page-001It is an exciting time here at UMBC, as we prepare to offer our Summer Day Camp program for the 36th consecutive year in operation. The UMBC Summer Day Camp has a number of unique features that make it an outstanding experience for the boys and girls who attend. We offer a wide variety of structured activities in which children of all ages and abilities will be able to take part in.

Some of these activities include sports of the week, self-defense, tennis, arts and crafts, swimming, in-house field trips, and recreational games. The children will also take part in traditional activities appropriate for their respective age levels. However, emphasis will be placed on participation rather than winning. Swimming will continue to be an important part of every child’s experience at camp. Children will have daily group swimming lessons in the morning along with a free swim period each afternoon!

We will be using the Retriever Activities Center (RAC) located on our beautiful campus, which includes multiple air conditioned gymnasiums. We are excited to be able to offer VISA and MASTERCARD payments again this year!

The camp will operate a total of nine weeks for children entering grades first to seventh grade. The wide variety of activities will be under the leadership and guidance of competent and experienced counselors.

If you would like your child to attend, please request information and a brochure as soon as possible. Enrollment is limited and we cannot guarantee space. Camp space is filled on a first-come, first-served basis.

For questions regarding camp dates, fees, or other general camp information, please call (410) 455-2638 or email summerdaycamp@umbc.edu

Online registration is now open. Click here for more information.

Fitness Basics Workshop (3/5)

UMBCCome and join the Division of Student Affairs and the UMBC Recreation Department for the second Fitness Basics Workshop of the semester!

The Fitness Basics Workshop provides a great balance of low-moderate level cardiovascular training, flexibility, muscular strength and muscular endurance. This is a good “starter” workshop. Feel free to stay in your regular work clothes, put on your sneakers and join fellow faculty and staff on the arena track at noon. on March 5th.

Feel free to contact Jasmin Walters – Coordinator of Fitness and Wellness with any questions, comments, and/or concerns. jaw3@umbc.edu

CUERE Seminar: “Sources and Processes Affecting Particulate Matter” (3/6)

cuereCUERE Seminar Series presents Dr. Chris Hennigan with UMBC’s Department of Chemical, Biochemical and Environmental Engineering.

His talk will cover “Sources and Processes Affecting Particulate Matter in Denver, CO during DISCOVER-AQ”. Friday, March 6, 2015 at 2:00 pm in the TRC Building room 206. All are welcome.

Introductory/Refresher Training on Forms Management Printing Contract (3/11)

UMBCMiller’s Minuteman Press (MMP), our contractor for printing business cards, campus stationary (letterhead, interoffice envelopes, window envelopes, etc.) and forms, will be on campus to hold an introductory/refresher training on their online ordering portal. The training will include:
• Demonstration of their on-line ordering system
• Provide an opportunity for you to meet the Miller’s Minuteman Team
• Provide an opportunity for you to ask questions about their products and services
• Sign-up for an account for on-line ordering, if you have not already done so.
Miller’s offers on-line ordering and approval, 2-5 business days turn-around on most orders, and the P-card can be used for orders less than $5,000.

The introductory/refresher session will be held on Wednesday, March 11, 2015 at 10:00 a.m. in Commons Room #331. The training session is expected to last no more than 45 minutes.
Please go to the Training Center website to sign-up for this session, or contact Delores Pertee in Procurement Services at 5-3915 or Dpertee@umbc.edu for more information.

Kimberly Moffitt, American Studies, on The Marc Steiner Show

On February 26, WEAA’s The Marc Steiner Show hosted a discussion on a bill before Maryland legislators that would lift restrictions on when police officers could carry their weapons, which would allow them to carry their weapons in schools.

Kimberly Moffitt

Kimberly Moffitt, an associate professor of American studies, discussed her conflicting thoughts on the issue because of her respect for many police officers and educators who say it is necessary, but also her viewpoint as a parent of two children in the schools.

“Where does the slippery slope take us and what might happen as a result? One of my biggest concerns, coming from the perspective of a parent…because of some of the energy around how we perceive our children, in particular black boys…what happens when the first victim of such a shooting happens to be one of our students and not necessarily an intruder?” Moffitt said. The listen to the full segment, click here.

On February 20, Moffitt co-hosted The Marc Steiner Show and facilitated discussions on a new play, “Make Yourself at Home,” running at Baltimore’s Annex Theater, and how to teach children black history outside the context of schools. To listen to the segments, click here.

George Derek Musgrove, History, in the Washington Post

Derek MusgroveGeorge Derek Musgrove ’97, history, associate professor of history, was quoted in a February 26 article in the Washington Post that examined Washington, D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser’s role in ushering in the legalization of marijuana in the city.

Musgrove commented on the relationship between Bowser and Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-Utah), chairman of the committee with jurisdiction over D.C. legislative matters, and noted that Bowser contacted Chaffetz in advance of a press conference this week about marijuana legalization.

“Her press conference was impressive. Not only was she firm . . . standing up for the wishes of 7 in 10 voters, but she was shrewd, making her case in a manner that left room for a continuing relationship with Chaffetz.” said Musgrove, who is a D.C. resident and is currently writing a book about race and democracy in the city.

To read the full article titled “D.C. mayor’s deal with pot backers led to a low-key success,” click here.

Sunil Dasgupta, Political Science, in ISN

In an article published February 25 in the International Relations and Security Network Digital Library News, Sunil Dasgupta analyzed the shifting balance of power between the United States and Russia in light of recent events in Ukraine.

Sunil Dasgupta

“Russia’s ability to defy the United States and other Western powers in Ukraine (as well as Moscow’s support of the Syrian and Iranian regimes) since late 2013 has suggested that the period of soft balancing is over. The return of traditional balance of power politics implies that a multipolar world, in which the United States is one of many similarly positioned great powers, may have arrived,” Dasgupta wrote.

Dasgupta, director of UMBC’s political science program at the Universities of Shady Grove, also noted that the balance of power could be affected by rising powers such as China and India and their decisions whether or not to side with Russia.

“If the road to multipolarity runs through Ukraine, however, not everyone is seeing the same view en route. On the one hand, it is clear that Russia has been able to use economic interdependence, modern technology, and a proxy war strategy to resist the United States and other Western powers. On the other, the dangers of overreach are all too evident. Russia is on the precipice of alienating Europe, revitalizing NATO, and bankrupting itself if energy prices remain low.”

To read the full article titled “Does the Road to a Multipolar World Run through Ukraine,” click here.