Tamara Peters, IRC, on CBS Baltimore

CBS Baltimore featured a news story on “Bearings of Baltimore Circa 1815”, a 3D representation of Baltimore during the War of 1812. Tamara Peters, from UMBC’s Imaging Research Center, led a team of researchers to study historical documents and create the 3D map.

Peters discussed the use of technology in the cutting-edge representation. “We are so used to today living through our smart phones and our iPads,” she said. “I think this is just a natural way for people of this generation to learn and to be exposed to things.”

“Bearings of Baltimore Circe 1815” is on display at the Maryland Historical Society. Click here to watch the video on the CBS Baltimore website.

Lee Boot, Imaging Research Center, Mentioned In the Huffington Post

A June 29 Huffington Post blog post focused on Baltimore’s online magazine What Weekly.

“The Baltimore Experiment: Getting Out From Under ‘The Wire'” detailed What Weekly‘s focus on more positive coverage as opposed to the more-or-less expected grim news dispatches so often associated with Baltimore, as well as its strong links with the city’s arts community who work and live there. Among the contributors listed was Lee Boot, associate research professor and associate director of the Imaging Research Center, whose column “Who We Aim” appears in the publication.

Boot’s clog, also entitled “Who We Am,” focuses “on building a transdisciplinary, online discourse about human behavior.”

Lee Boot, Imaging Research Center, in “Issues in Science and Technology”

The Winter 2012 issue of Issues in Science and Technology includes a writeup describing a project that Lee Boot, associate director of the Imaging Research Center, and IRC staff created for the National Academy of Sciences. The Seeintuit project, an exhibition and data collection center exploring the intuitive processes of the human brain, appears in the Archives section of the magazine and features an image of an artwork by professor Boot that is now in the permanent collection of the NAS. This collaboration between Mr. Boot, the IRC, and the NAS is ongoing (a third project is slated to begin at the end of January 2012) and is aimed at finding new ways to connect the general public with science content.

This issue of Issues magazine should be available online soon at http://www.issues.org/.

KAL, UMBC Artist-in-Residence, on WYPR’s The Signal

Kevin “KAL” Kallaugher, editorial cartoonist for The Economist and UMBC artist-in-residence, discussed his current work in an insightful interview on “The Signal” that aired December 9 and 10 on WYPR. KAL is known internationally for his lectures on freedom of the press and the power of caricature. At UMBC he advises student bloggers in their coverage of current events and politics on USDemocrazy, a particularly exciting project moving into the new electoral season. Listen to “The Signal” to learn more about KAL’s work at UMBC and the value he places on seeing current events — particularly the economic crisis — through the eyes of college students.