Team Thomas Boys Basketball Camp

The summer is quickly approaching and Team Thomas Boys Basketball camp is coming to the rescue. Coach Aki Thomas will be having his first boy’s basketball summer camp starting in June.

Camp will be consisting of two weekly sessions and a weekend session filled with fun and excitement. Team Thomas camp will consist of camp contests, individual skill instructions, team skill instructions, swimming and more. We are looking forward to having a great, fun summer and would love for you to be a part of our team.

Sign up your son today! You can find our camp registration on our team website. If you have any questions about signing up, please contact 410-455-2864 or

Thank you for you time and Welcome to our team!


Dennis Coates, Economics, on NBC Chicago

NBC Chicago’s politics blog “The Ward Room” recently posted an opinion piece affirming Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s decision to refuse to provide public money for a $500 million renovation of Wrigley Field. The writer, Edward McClelland, cited research by UMBC economics professor Dennis Coates that found pro sports reduce a city’s per capita income by putting entertainment dollars into the hands of athletes and team owners who live outside the area rather than local businesses around the stadium.

Coates wrote, “money paid to players does not circulate as widely or abundantly as it would were it paid to people with less wealth and more attachment to the city.” Read the article to learn more.